Roy Chartier

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Over 28 years, Roy has held roles in government, industry, and non-profit organizations delivering high-value workloads, high-performance (HPC) and high-throughput (HTC) computing, heterogeneous computing (CPU+GPU), and various national-level e‑infrastructure, geo-clusters, storage clusters, and hybrid-clouds.

Roy joined NDRIO from Canada HPC, an HPC Services company to Canadian tier one technology companies where he served as Founder & CEO. In addition, as Founder & CTO of The Supercomputer for Cancer Research, a non-profit, that over 6 years, has grown to a compute ecosystem that will provide 27,000 cores and 1,800 GPUs by the end of 2021. Located at 6 universities, and 2 colocations in Canada and the United States, it supports dozens of research projects in cancer, COVID, and mental illness.

Roy has completed Executive Programs at MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Sloan School of Management. He also has a degree in Philosophy from Carleton University.