Erika Merschrod, Memorial University

Erika Merschrod

Dr. Erika Merschrod, AB, PhD is a Professor of Chemistry at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), located on Mi’kmaq land, where she leads a research group that combines computational and experimental tools to develop new functional materials. Her trainees have gone on to a range of careers in academia, policy, and the private sector, with several founding their own tech companies. A hallmark of her lab’s work is collaboration, which brings the ability to tackle more complex problems such as community stewardship of drinking water quality or developing artificial tissue scaffolds.

Dr. Merschrod started in computational chemistry as an undergraduate at Bryn Mawr College (AB 1994). She then obtained her PhD in theoretical chemistry from Cornell University (1999) under the supervision of Prof. Roald Hoffmann, where her work in electronic structure theory was grounded in applications to real materials design, often in collaboration or conversation with wet” chemists. Dr. Merschrod continues to share the value of computational work: as a member of the Board of Study for the Computational Science program at MUN, the CVC (precursor to ACEnet), and the chair of AIMMS (ACEnet institute for materials modeling and simulation), she has advocated for access and outreach to groups who are not traditional users of HPC.

Dr. Merschrod is committed to social justice within a decolonizing frame. Her experience as a latina, queer, feminist, immigrant, and settler informs her professional service as well as her teaching and research practice.