Pan-Canadian Governments Bi-Annual Roundtable – November 26, 2021

We look forward to hosting the next Pan-Canadian Governments Bi-Annual Roundtable on Friday, November 26. The purpose of this meeting is to share information and ideas in the spirit of partnership. The first meeting and follow-up meeting, both held last summer, provided an opportunity to learn more about the current state of its strategic planning initiatives, and discuss value proposition and funding. 

The success of a national digital research infrastructure (DRI) strategy and resulting ecosystem depends upon a collaborative partnership between the Alliance, its Federal Funder (ISED), Provinces, Territories, regional DRI organizations and other partner organizations. Our goal is to ensure the development of a proactive planning understanding to benefit the Alliance, Provincial and Territorial governments and DRI regional organization planning needs.

This meeting is by invitation only and the presentation will be in English but you are welcome to ask questions and participate in the discussion in both English and French. Thank you for your continued engagement and support.