Canadian Digital Research Infrastructure Needs Assessment

On October 22, we launched the first Canadian Digital Research Infrastructure Needs Assessment process to help identify and address digital research infrastructure (DRI) and service requirements for the future.

The purpose of this nation-wide exercise is two-fold:

  1. Prioritize and direct the development of tools and technologies that will support cutting-edge research in Canada;
  2. Determine and address Canadian researchers’ current and future needs related to a Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) ecosystem.

Through this comprehensive consultation process, NDRIO will seek input from the Canadian research community to inform its 2021-2024 Strategic Plan supporting a single and unified vision of the highest DRI priorities.  

Frequently Asked Questions

White Paper Submissions

Consultation and Input Opportunities

Step 1: Call For White Papers on Canada’s Future DRI Ecosystem

We are seeking White Papers (maximum of 5 pages) that describe individual perspectives on current challenges accessing DRI tools, services and support; the ideal future state of DRI in Canada; and how NDRIO could achieve such a state. Further submission details are available here.

Thank you to all that submitted a White Paper.

Submissions to date

Step 2: Call For Current Documentation 

We are inviting Canadian research institutes and organizations to share existing documentation (e.g. strategic plans, roadmaps, position papers, etc.) on the current and future state of advanced research computing, research data management and research software. This input is crucial to ensuring the priorities and plans of Canada’s broader DRI community are reflected and incorporated into the assessment process.

Thank you to all that shared their current documentation with us.

Step 3: Online Survey

We will share an online survey through which to receive additional individual researcher input. Survey participation details will be provided shortly.

Step 4: Virtual Town Hall Discussions

We will host a series of virtual Town Hall discussions with researchers and research organizations nation-wide, to share ideas and perspectives on the current and desired needs for a DRI ecosystem. Consultations will inform the development of a report that will be reviewed by the Researcher Council, and that will be published for comment in early 2021. 

Registration: Meeting dates and registration details will be available soon. 

Step 5: Report review

For further project and consultation details, please contact us at